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Excellence with impact

The UK's Research Councils play a key role in ensuring the UK remains one of the world's most attractive locations for science and innovation Read

Big boost for small businesses

The new SBRI programme brings innovative technology solutions from business to meet government needs, by Mark Glover, Head of the SBRI programme, Technology Strategy Board Read

A climate for change

Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Innovation at the Carbon Trust, examines the multi-billion-pound opportunities presented by the move to a low-carbon economy Read

Innovate to accumulate

Dr Debbie Buckley-Golder Programme Director for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, puts forward the case for innovation as a valuable tool in helping your business to come out the other side fitter and better equipped to compete in the global economy Read

Plastic electronics at UKDL

Over the coming 15 years, the number of electronic goods made possible by plastic electronics will revolutionise everyday life. Read

Investment in new access network technologies

By David Smith and Michael Robertson of Photonics KTN Read

Central role

How NanoCentral is a driving force behind the safe, beneficial and profitable commercialisation of nanomaterials Read

Nanotechnology in the UK

How NanoKTN is enabling nanotechnologies to connect technology, catalyse innovation and lead the way in delivering the UK's wealth creation Read

Constructing the future

The Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network looks at the key innovation drivers for the built environment in 2009. Read

Improving efficiency for metals and manufacturing companies

The National Metals Technology Centre (NAMTEC), aims to improve the competitiveness of the UK metals industry by stimulating greater levels of innovation, research and training Read

Key innovation material

Dr Robert Quarshie, looks at the latest advanced materials strategy by the Technology Strategy Board and its own innovative initiatives are helping to connect the innovation process. Read

Ordnance Survey: Information frameworks, collaboration and innovation platforms

Everything happens somewhere - that's geography. Geography is the stage on which all natural and human activity plays out Read

Opportunities for Location Based Services

The Location and Timing Knowledge Transfer Network is one of a number of networks funded by the UK government through the Technology Strategy Board to stimulate wealth creation through innovation Read

Moving goods and people intelligently

The Intelligent Transport Systems KTN actively seeks out innovations that can improve our transport systems Read

Service oriented computing - a new wave of innovation

by Ian Osborne, Director, Grid Computing Now! KTN Read

Patient care at its best

A look at the innovations conceived by NHS staff that have been turned into reality to benefit their patients Read

Putting innovation into practice

Lynne Maher, Head of Innovation Practice, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, looks at how the NHS embraces innovation Read

Making the right connections

London Technology Network stimulates and supports collaborative ventures in the Greater South East of England with its successful innovation matching service Read

The role of creativity in innovation

Invention will only remain the lifeblood of the UK economy if it leads to commercial opportunity. By Mike Pearson and Jim Dawton Read

Addressing an age-old problem

As life expectancy increases, the Institute for Ageing and Health is examining the needs of the ageing society - and opportunities available. Read

Innovation - soup to nuts, served by the NIC

Successful innovation starts with identifying a need. It then grows the solution to that need and shares the results. The NIC can support commercial innovators at each of these stages. Read

Connecting people and technology in the HealthTech sector

The HealthTech sector - covering medical devices, diagnostics and assisted living - is both a large market worth £120bn globally for industry, and a sector impacting directly on quality of life and UK wealth generation Read

Positioning digital communications to serve the future needs of the UK

The UK has a leading-edge digital communications industry, which the Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network aims to build upon and develop. Read

Sharing the vision for defence

BAE Systems initiates and drives collaboration across customers, suppliers, SMEs and academic organisations to identify, integrate and deliver new capabilities for the UK's armed forces in the shortest timescales possible Read

Putting innovation on the front line

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) offers anyone with the innovation and will to enter the defence market a single entry point through the Centre for Defence Enterprise Read

Enabling collaboration throughout the nation

Working with government, industry and regional and academic representatives, the Aerospace and Defence KTN drives the National Aerospace Technology Strategy forward, lending support to developing innovative technologies for use in leading-edge industry products Read

Sensing and instrumentation technology

Sensing and instrumentation technology plays a vital role in addressing many of today's major global challenges and the potential impact of sensing technology is far-reaching Read

Making light work for industry

The UK is rich in small companies developing novel technologies across all application areas in photonics Read

Leading positive change for global industry

Growing at an average rate of 2.6% per annum, the process sector is now worth £70bn to the nation's economy, and is the UK's fastestgrowing industry. Read

Innovative science for commercial applications

Oxford Instruments was awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category in recognition of its continuing culture of encouraging innovation and technical excellence Read

Nanofabrication solutions

At Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd (KNT) we provide nanofabrication solutions delivered through our state-ofthe-art James Watt Nanofabrication Centre in Glasgow. Read

Institute of Nanotechnology

There are few industries that will escape the exciting influences of nanotechnology. To aid its safe development, frameworks are being developed to mitigate and manage the risks Read

NanoCentral linking technology with market

In a world where products are becoming more similar in every market sector, it is getting tougher to achieve competitive advantage. Read

Nanotechnology in the UK

Successful uptake of new technologies is vital to the wealth creating power of the UK, and nanotechnologies are crucial to delivering the UK's wealth creation in the next 20 years Read

Innovations in materials deliver value for money

The huge purchasing power of the public sector can provide a powerful incentive for business to innovate and develop new products, processes and services. Read

Innovation for tomorrow's built environment

The built environment has a huge impact on our lives. Those that help to shape this environment have an enormous influence and responsibility. Read

Scott Bader, an innovative history

Scott Bader was established in 1921. Today we are a ?216 million turnover multinational chemical company, employing over 650 people worldwide. Read

University of Nottingham

Nemaura Pharma has been utilising manufacturing expertise at the University of Nottingham to develop the design of sub-systems for their innovative drug delivery patch Read

Manufacturing, breaking the mould

The Manufacturing Technologies Association is at the core of engineering-based manufacturing, with its activities supporting and nurturing innovation in the UK Read

DRIVENet Sustainable Vehicle Engineering

DRIVENet represents the portal to the Sustainable Vehicle Engineering Centre (SVEC), located in the School of Technology at Oxford Brookes University. Read

Fleet costs and carbon emissions

Running a clean, environmentally friendly fleet offers your business many benefits. The Energy Saving Trust can help you. Read

Intelligent Transport Systems deployment

Mapping the route to Intelligent Transport Systems deployment. - The challenges faced by transport are well known, but solutions are harder to find Read

Location and Timing KTN

Intelligent Transport Systems Read

Pearson Matthews Innovation Consultants

If innovation is the exploitation of new ideas, then in order to get innovation you need to start by accessing invention Read

University-industry collaborations

University-industry collaborations: a wealth of opportunities at Imperial College London Read

Feeling your way to design success

The UK's NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement shares the secrets behind its Experience-Based Design (EBD) programme Read

Innovative translational research

University of Birmingham - a centre of excellence for innovative translational research Read

Connecting people and technology

The HealthTech sector covering medical devices, diagnostics and assisted living is both a large market for industry and a sector impacting directly on quality of life and UK wealth generation. Read

Energy Institute - Home Help

While global innovations will make a real difference to climate change on a worldwide scale, there is plenty that UK-based individuals and businesses can do, and the Energy Institute is facing the challenge Read

Towards an energy efficient future

A look at how the British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association is proactively addressing climate change and its role as a catalyst for innovation Read

Greenstone Carbon Management

Meeting the challenge of climate change - managing carbon in the corporate and public sectors Read

Giraffe Innovation

Giraffe has extensive experience in delivering a wide range of sustainably driven projects to global organisations, small business and government clients Read

Energy - A global fusion

As the ITER Fusion Energy Project gets underway, Dan Mistry of the UK Atomic Energy Authority looks at the opportunities it presents for UK companies. Read

Grid Computing now KTN

Grid Computing has come a long way from its roots in the research community to playing a key role in the computing models of the future. Read

From Invention to Innovation

The Electronics KTN launch the Innovation Management Academy Read

Cyber Security KTN

Tackling the threat of electronic crime to make our cyber society safer Read

Supporting Life Sciences

London is a major bioscience hub. Dr Tony Jones, Director of Biotechnology and Healthcare at London First, looks at a new initiatives to help to succeed in the industry Read

Intellect Association for Biometrics

Hugh Carr-Archer, Chairman of the Intellect Association for Biometrics, examines how the biometrics industry is evolving Read

Ploughshare Innovations defence technologies

Ploughshare Innovations defence technologies for civilian applications: providing expert commercialisation services to government. Read

The Aerospace and Defence KTN

Aerospace and Defence - Enabling technology through innovative approaches Read

UK's National Science and Innovation Campuses

The creation of the Daresbury and Harwell Science and Innovation Campuses has provided a unique platform for the public and private sector to participate in collaborative science and technology programmes Read

Meeting the global challenge

As the UK's main public funders of basic research, the Research Councils' work spans a range of disciplines both at home and on a global level. Read

Integrated Products Manufacturing KTN

When an organisation faces a specific application, technical or market issues, it is often easy to search out solution providers. This is not so easy, however, when there is no obvious solution to hand Read