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The Knowledge Transfer Networks

The Knowledge Transfer Networks are designed to stimulate innovation in the UK economy through higher levels of research and development and knowledge transfer.

  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksAerospace and Defence

    Aerospace & Defence KTN

    The UK Aerospace & Defence Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) task is to help promote innovation and collaboration across UK industry, Government and academia, helping to improve industrial performance and implement the UK National Aerospace Technology strategy (NATS).

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksBioscience for Business

    Biosciences KTN

    Biosciences KTN serves the agriculture, food and industrial biosciences sectors to connect and catalyse knowledge transfer, promote networking and stimulate innovation to help industry profit and grow from new technology-enabled products and processes.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksChemistry Innovation

    Chemistry Innovation KTN

    The Chemistry Innovation KTN has been set up with government and academic support to bring together a range of expert people and organisations that can assist with large or small science, engineering or manufacturing changes in your business.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksCreative Industries

    Creative Industries KTN

    The Creative Industries Technology Innovation Network (CITIN) will work with a variety of creative industries including: advertising; architecture; art and antiques markets; computer and video games; crafts; design; designer fashion; film and video; music; performing arts; publishing; software; television and radio. It will identify and clarify the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing technology landscape and bring together creative industry companies, technology providers and researchers to exploit this potential, drive innovation, and secure the UK?s international competitiveness.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksDigital Systems

    Digital Systems KTN

    The Digital Systems KTN (DSKTN) brings together expertise in scalable computing, location & timing and cyber security in order to drive the development of a digitally-enabled Britain.


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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksDigital Communications

    Digital Communications KTN

    The Digital Communications KTN members share White papers on technical developments and business planning, case studies of new business ventures, coordination in research programmes, links to business sectors inside and outside the communications environment, information on developing regulation and standards and an industry technology roadmap.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksElectronics

    Electronics KTN

    A key objective of the Electronics-KTN is to provide access for companies right across the electronics value chain, to knowledge that will help them to understand how to capitalise on their innovations.


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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksEnergy Generation & Supply KTN

    Energy Generation & Supply KTN

    The mission of the Energy Generation and Supply Knowledge Transfer Network (EG&S KTN) is to create an integrated and dynamic network of business, technology, academic and policy stakeholders delivering strategic and effective knowledge exchange to advance the UK Energy Generation & Supply sector.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksFinancial Services

    Financial Services KTN

    The Financial Services Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) harnesses cutting edge scientific research to support and protect innovation, competitiveness and market stability.


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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksHealth Technologies

    HealthTech & Medicines KTN

    A KTN dedicated to advancing the UK?s human health life sciences sector, through knowledge transfer, innovation and building powerful networks of forward thinking organisations in priority areas such as medicines, medical devices, diagnostics, regenerative medicine, associated bioprocessing and convergence. The KTN is able to operate at a strategic level, liaising with relevant government departments and trade associations to enable a better climate for innovating in the UK, and supports groups or individual businesses to access the knowledge and resources needed to move innovations forward.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksIndustrial Mathematics

    Industrial Mathematics KTN

    The Industrial Mathematics KTN harvests the UK?s world-leading strengths in modelling and analysis to accelerate innovation. The KTN unlocks value in business operations, products and services, illuminating the best ways forward for companies and giving early warnings of potential difficulties.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksIntelligent Transport Systems

    Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) KTN

    Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have huge potential to reduce the environmental impact of road transport, increase productivity through reduced congestion and improve the safety and security of the road transport network. The ITS provides a platform to bring together industry thinking stimulate collaborative working across ITS industries, services, and R&D. The ITS KTN is led by innovITS, the UK Centre of Excellence for Transport Telematics and Sustainable Mobility.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksEnvironmental

    Environmental Sustainability KTN

    The Environmental Sustainability KTN draws together organisations and businesses that deal with environmental and resource management and assists them accelerate the development and uptake of innovative sustainable solutions. The KTN focuses upon areas where there is the greatest potential for addressing the interlinked challenges of excessive use and depletion of natural resources, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity, and climate change. Its efforts are particularly concentrated upon Key Priority Areas where the competitiveness of British businesses and the UK economy as a whole can be enhanced.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksLow Carbon Technologies and Fuel Cell Technologies

    Low Carbon KTN

    This KTN brings together organisations to focus on two priorities, Low Carbon Technologies and Fuel Cell Technologies. To meet the UK and global targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the KTN is supporting the development of a range of low carbon and fuel cell technologies for better energy efficiency.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksMaterials

    Materials KTN

    The Materials KTN aims to bring together the views of all in business, design, research and technology organisations, trade associations, the financial market, academia and others in an overarching value network across the materials community.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksNanotechnology

    Nanotechnology KTN

    The Nanotechnology KTN has been established to provide a market-oriented focus for the facilities, people and organisations engaged in Micro and Nanotechnologies in the UK and to lower entry barriers and drive the widespread market development and exploitation of these technologies.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksModern Built Environment

    Modern Built Environment KTN

    The Modern Built Environment KTN has been established to intensify technological innovation within the modern built environment through improved knowledge transfer. The KTN will achieve this through a series of activities, which will identify and communicate information on new and emerging technological innovations that are both relevant and applicable to key industry sectors.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksPhotonics and Plastic Electronics

    Photonics and Plastic Electronics

    Photonics and plastic electronics are key technology areas for future development of capabilities and for addressing the ?green agenda.? Moreover, these are technologies where the UK has established a global reputation for innovation. Photonics has matured considerably from the days of the first laser devices and is now a technology firmly embedded in our society at all levels from consumer products to high value capital equipment. Plastic electronics, in which the UK is a world leader, is an exciting embryonic technology that will enable the conception of new products and bring about revolutionary changes in the way current products are designed and manufactured.

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  • Image related to: The Knowledge Transfer NetworksSensors and Instrumentation

    Sensors and Instrumentation KTN

    The Sensors and Instrumentation KTN covers the whole of the UK?s sensing community, from academics and large industries to small businesses, research councils and government departments. The KTN embraces sensing in its entirety - from the principles of measurement to novel sensor technologies, deployment in the field and data analysis.

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