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Scott Bader, an innovative history

Scott Bader was established in 1921. Today we are a ?216 million turnover multinational chemical company, employing over 650 people worldwide.

We are a common ownership company, having no external shareholders, with a strong commitment to support our workforce, society and the environment. The global headquarters is in the UK where we have purpose-built, state-of-theart technical facilities that provide R&D as well as complete evaluation, testing and application support. The company has manufacturing facilities in the UK, France, Croatia, the Middle East and South Africa.

Scott Bader has over 85 years? experience in resin chemistry, with over 50 years? knowledge in the composites industry (we introduced the first marine grade polyester in 1941) and over 20 years? know-how in the water-based speciality polymers sector. Using our water-based polymer products manufacturers can stick, thicken, seal and coat a variety of substrates. We are the ?secret ingredient? in many products which make life so much easier ? from wallpaper paste to protecting the underside of vehicles, from sealing windows to improving the quality of printed fabrics.

Scott Bader Composites manufactures and sells, under the Crystic® brand, a wide range of unsaturated polyester resins, compounds and gelcoats, DCPD blend resins, Vinyl Ester resins, and Crestapol® high-performance resins, plus a range of speciality products: epoxy bonding gelcoats, pigments, barrier coats, skincoats, tooling products and Crestomer® marine structural adhesives. Our extensive product range is used in a wide variety of demanding composite applications from luxury yachts to underground pipes. All products are developed in-house by our R&D team, supported by excellent technical service for all products. We also distribute for leading suppliers a wide range of reinforcements and ancillary products.


The Crystic Crestapol® range is a group of hybrid high-performance resins offering designers alternative products to more traditional acrylic and epoxy thermoset materials which can be manufactured by closed mould, hand-lay and pultrusion, for a variety of building & construction, transportation and marine applications. Crestapols® are low viscosity resins with very rapid cure. The time taken from the moment of first injection to final demould can be as little as six minutes, enabling significantly increased production levels. Crestapol ® resins can offer other beneficial characteristics such as very high fire and smoke performance (Epiradiateur M1, F0) and a very high heat deflection temperature of 230°C.

Scott Bader is also leveraging nanotechnology, not only to bring significant performance updates to the current product portfolio but to create industry-leading next-generation materials. Scott Bader R&D staff are working to improve product attributes such as surface hardness, weathering properties and fire retardancy, and create new solutions in the areas of conductivity, hygiene and sustainability. Nano-enabled structures are an effective way of yielding properties that were previously attained through inclusion of additives. This involves working with interesting materials such as carbon nanotubes, nano-clays and various anti-microbial technologies. We aim to reduce time to market through selective collaboration with leading academic and industrial partners in a range of fields.

The common ownership Scott Bader Co. was formed on a range of ethical principles by founder Ernest Bader in 1921. The idea of sustainability was ahead of its time and Scott Bader is active in this field today. A number of approaches are being developed, including looking at using sustainably sourced raw materials, bio-degradable resin technology and total impact analysis.

For further information on any of the novel products mentioned above, or to talk more generally regarding new technologies and/ or possible collaboration, please contact our Business Development Manager, Neil Gray.

Tel: +44 1933 666649
Mobile: +44 7713 792206

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