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Useful addresses

A list of useful resources relating to Defence, Geovation, Health, Knowledge Transfer Networks, Nanotechnology, Research Councils Read

Great British Inventions

A round up of the greatest british inventions, from cat's eyes(1935) to vertical take-off aircraft(1960), from the World Wide Web(1989) to the iPod(2001) Read

Support that leads to success

The UK is an international centre of excellence for technological leadership and R&D, with a government committed to raising investment in innovation Read

A boost for Britain

As one of the largest-ever technology funds in Europe, the Innovation Investment Fund is giving the UK's venture capital industry a shot in the arm Read

Enhancing the economy

David Lammy MP, Minister of State for Higher Education and Intellectual Property, explains why innovative universities have a vital role to play Read

Challenge-led innovation

A key element of the Technology Strategy Board's approach focuses on 'challenge-led' innovation. Heidi Lovelock, Head of Innovation Platforms Read

A catalyst for positive change

Promoting and encouraging innovation is as important as ever in the current economic climate. Chief Executive Jonathan Kestenbaum explains NESTA Read

Investing in the future

To underline our outstanding national reputation for innovation, science and technology, the UK is Europe's leading recipient of R&D inward investment Read

The appliance of science

As part of its mission to promote physics and support physicists, the Institute of Physics aims to improve public understanding of and engagement with science Read

The world's number one choice

With a business climate that attracts companies from across the globe, the UK is Europe's top spot for R&D activity - and UK Trade & Investment is there to support them every step of the way Read

Innovation: at the heart of economic recovery

It is now more vital than ever to focus on investment in innovation, explains Allyson Reed, Director of Strategy and Communications, the Technology Strategy Board Read

Turning ideas into reality

Robert Kirby-Harris, Chief Executive of the Institute of Physics explains how physics is central to meeting the global challenges of the future. Read

Support that leads to success

The UK provides the best possible environment for innovation to succeed, as Dominic Jermey, Acting Chief Executive UK Trade & Investment, explains Read

Investing in the future

Lord Paul Drayson, Minister of State for Science and Innovation, explains how the UK government is striving forward through its innovation programme. Read

Innovation inspires R&D tax relief

The government's support of innovation through enterprise research and development was recently bolstered with an increase in the R&D tax relief rates and the doubling of the size of company that is eligible for maximum relief Read

UKTI - A world-class business climate

The UK government has built a business climate to attract individuals and companies at the leading edge of their sectors, and UK Trade & Investment is the government organisation that helps them to succeed Read

Taylor Wessing - The cost-saving CEO

by David Kent, Head Of Inward Investment, london, Taylor Wessing Llp, European Law Firm Read

The Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics: promoting physics supporting physicists Read

Diversity is good for innovation

by Annette Williams, Director, UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Read

NESTA - Going global

Jonathan Kestenbaum, Chief Executive, NESTA, looks at how the UK is well-placed to be at the heart of the global innovation revolution. Read

Innovation: the business of shaping our world

The Technology Strategy Board perspective by David Golding, Head of Strategy Read

A springboard to global growth

The UK offers the best possible environment for innovation to succeed, as Andrew Cahn, Chief Executive UK Trade & Investment, explains Read