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Announcing the launch of the Cadbury Collaboration Factory!

Cadbury are pleased to announce the launch of the Cadbury Collaboration Factory, a website dedicated to creating connections with innovators both large and small!

Cadbury plc is a leading global confectionery company with a core purpose of creating brands people love. We are number one or number two in over 20 of the world?s 50 largest confectionery markets and have the largest and most broadly spread emerging markets business of any confectionery company. In order to maintain our leadership position and grow in our key markets we have recognised the strong benefit of working with external partners to deliver sustainable and profitable innovation to and for our partners and ourselves.

At Cadbury we believe in creating strong relationship with suppliers, universities, SME?s and other multinational organisations that lead to great innovation and products. With stretching innovation goals we look to the world for new ideas and technologies to continue to grow our brands. Cadbury?s brands include many global, regional and local favourites including Cadbury, Crème Egg, and Green and Black?s in chocolate; Trident, Dentyne, Hollywood and Bubbaloo in gum; and Halls, Cadbury Eclairs and The Natural Confectionery Company in candy.

The website will give you a look into who we, the open innovation team, are and where you might be able to find us in the near future. It also holds some of our non confidential technical needs and provides a portal for you to submit protected, non confidential innovations.

We hope to see you there soon.

Contact us at:
[email protected]


Added the 24 August 2009