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Our corporate open innovation strategy, which we call Connect + Develop, is actively seeking externally developed innovations to make a meaningful difference to the lives of the world's consumers.

At P&G, we?ve embraced open innovation to access the talents and resources of innovation partners around the world, from universities to other multinational companies, and create win-win relationships.

P&G?s innovation needs Whilst we?re interested in any innovation that can improve consumers? lives, from new materials to ready-for-market products to commercial partnerships, P&G brands have also identifi ed specifi c solutions that we need to address our current innovation challenges. At any time, we will be highlighting one or two of our most recent needs to initiate connections with promising external leads. Please scroll down to read more about our latest innovation needs.

Alternatively, for a full list of all our published needs, plus P&G technologies and assets available for license, please visit

Our latest Innovation Need

In-vitro and In-vivo Methods of Response to Male Shaving

We are looking for in-vitro and in-vivo methods that have the ability to visualize and quantify sensory nerve endings response to shaving in the male facial skin.

These methods should be able to differentiate between nerve endings, e.g. nerve endings near hair follicle, c-fibers, mechanoreceptors, peripheral nerves.

Methods should not involve any animal testing.

If you have any potential solutions or leads on such products/tools/devices/technologies, please submit directly to the Procter & Gamble Connect + Develop site at

Procter & Gamble Seeks External Collaboration

Did you know that more than 50% of product initiatives at Procter & Gamble involve significant collaboration with outside innovators?

Do you have a promising product, technology, business model, method, trademark, package or design that can help improve the lives of the world?s consumers? Or do you have new ideas for existing P&G brands? If so, the Connect + Develop(SM) team at P&G wants to work with you. Connect + Develop is P&G?s proven approach to open innovation.

Watch these six exciting videos from members of the Connect + Develop team to learn how your ideas can come to life. Then, take the next step? visit the P&G open innovation web portal at to learn more and submit your innovation for consideration.

Added the 24 August 2009