Corporate Collaboration

In a world of widely distributed knowledge, companies can no longer rely solely on their own research; Innovation UK gives companies the opportunity to highlight their Open Innovation policy in order to enable corporate collaboration between major blue chips, universities, research centres and entrepreneurs.

How is Corporate Collaboration relevant to entrepreneurs?

Major blue chip companies are now looking to collaborate with entrepreneurs in order to share ideas and take innovation to the next level. The participating organisations have essential experience in internal innovation that continues to thrive. They now also look outside of their internal structure, for new innovative products that can be taken to market, through partnership. This kind of networking and partnership building is creating a major increase in product availability. Companies such as P&G can offer entrepreneurs scalability and market penetration through open innovation. Major blue chips participating in this policy are aware that innovation increasingly stems from small to medium sized companies, universities and research centres. These major organisations are scouting for your ideas, look though the updated links below for specific calls for products to see if you may be able to establish a partnership with one of these organisations.

NB ? If you have an idea, which you want to share for possible partnership, always ensure you are IP protected.