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the gateway to success through modern material science

With the potential to change existing products and markets as well as creating new ones, nanomaterials have the potential to generate large amounts of wealth. NanoCentral is making things happen in the world of modern materials science ? and is here to help you be part of this new Industrial Revolution

Nanomaterials promise to transform products and processes, as well as reduce pollution, save lives and conserve energy. By engineering materials to the nano-scale, particles between one and one hundred nanometres (one billionth of a metre), we can drastically change their properties. They can display all kinds of unusual physical, electrical, chemical and optical characteristics, for example ceramics can stretch like chewing gum.

Stephen Cash CEO

Also, due to their small size, nanomaterials have a very high surface-to-volume ratio and as most reactions take place on the surface of a material, an increased surface area will enable more intense/ effective reactions; so a little nanomaterial goes a long, and productive, way and will boost business profitability and energise the economy.

NanoCentral is founded on the belief that nanomaterials will make a vital difference to the success of UK businesses and the economy as it overcomes barriers to commercialisation. It aims to help companies become part of the nanomaterial revolution. NanoCentral is an alliance of leading companies created to unlock the vast commercial and societal potential of nanomaterials. It helps forge industry-wide collaborations across markets and supply chains and provides access to key enabling technologies, facilities and expertise. Backed by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, The Centre for Process Innovation and One NorthEast, NanoCentral is based at the Wilton Centre in Teesside, Europe?s largest purpose-built research centre.

NanoCentral?s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Cash, formerly of Thomas Swann and Co, says: ?NanoCentral was set up to help UK industry gain from the revolution that?s taking place in nanomaterials. It is about creating jobs and profits for companies and thereby increasing the UK gross domestic product.? As a not-for-profit organisation, it does not charge for its services, making it even easier to get involved.

NanoCentral can offer significant benefits to organisations that may currently be put off by perceived high cost, risk or lack of knowledge, by facilitating collaborations with technology providers to reduce the costs of entry into the nanotechnology marketplace. It can put you in contact with the best people to develop an application or material for your needs and can help you overcome barriers within the supply chain. NanoCentral is constantly increasing its capability by signing up new key nano-enabling technology providers. They cover the whole spectrum of commercialisation, from synthesis; dispersion, functionalisation and formulation; to characterisation.

The alliance currently spans the markets of Personal and Healthcare; Materials for Electronics and Energy; Plastics, Polymers and Composites; and Coatings and Inks and is always looking to move into new markets. In its first 10 months, NanoCentral facilitated more than 40 collaborative projects in the UK, ranging from the synthesis of new nanoparticles through specialist dispersion and stabilisation, to detailed measurement and characterisation of finished materials.

NanoCentral?s core technology providers include:

Other providers include: MacDermid Autotype, Harman Technology, Imerys, Maelstrom APT, Ilika, IMG Resins, and Smith & Nephew. A major part of NanoCentral?s mission is also to ensure the safe use of nanomaterials both in their development and for end users. It is in partnership with the SAFENANO initiative at the Institute for Occupational Medicine to incorporate health, safety and environmental expertise. NanoCentral provides the information needed to reassure the public and industry, and generate confidence in nanomaterial products and processes. NanoCentral also continues to develop and support ?It?s a small world?, an education programme to teach school children about the world of nanomaterials.

To further encourage the exploitation of the new lexicon of nanomaterials, NanoCentral hosted NanoMaterials07 in May this year, its first annual conference on the commercialisation of nanomaterials, at The Sage Gateshead. Keynote speaker Dr Peter Krueger of Bayer Material Science and other leading industry figures offered their experience in the world of commercial nanomaterials and it gave great networking opportunities for those wanting to get involved in nanomaterials.

To register for more information on NanoMaterials08, please visit: NanoCentral can help you as a technology provider or user explore the unique opportunities that nanomaterials can offer. Don?t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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